Kenick Constructions modern, sustainable duplex design.

Kenick Constructions with this modern, sustainable duplex design.

This is ‘Reflection’, the stunning design by Dimarco Designs in collaboration with James Hardie and Australia’s leading sustainable home builder, Kenick Constructions.
Reflection is so much more than a pretty façade. It’s purpose is to creatively address the issues of sustainable long term housing for our cities, such as:

• Affordability
• Efficient use of limited land
• Preservation of ‘green belt’ land
• Re-use of inner city land
• Amenity for occupants
• Enhancing streetscape
• Evolving trends in living

When looking at sustainable homes, it is not just the materials, energy, water use and construction that are considered, but also the wider social and infrastructure components of sustainability. Dimarco’s design has pushed the envelope in a considered way which is supported by Council’s new planning scheme.

Kenick has ensured that Reflection also addresses:

• Lifetime homes (so the home is suitable for disabled visitors, but also can be easily adapted to suit your changing needs over time, without you having to move home)
• Passive income
• Extended family accommodation
• Ability to strata-title or sub-divide
• Flexibility of design for a multitude of uses
• Narrow lot suitability (this can be situated on lots as narrow as 10m)

Reflection’s options for living are incredibly flexible, why not live on one side and short term or long term rent the other side, sell one side to use the cash in retirement, enjoy two investment properties for pretty much the price of one, the list goes on.

Ground Floor


First Floor