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Sustainable Cairns Builder

Kenick Constructions is a local Cairns building company leading the way in sustainable home building and renovations. This experience comes from a dedicated award winning team who specially design and build homes which suit our tropical climate. Truly understanding what makes a home cool and comfortable, using practical and cost effective solutions is one of our strengths, coupled with a team who consistently produce a quality product with friendly and accessible service, even after your home is completed. Kenick may be the leaders in sustainable building in Cairns but they are also very affordable! 


We are very proud to be Greensmart Accredited builders with 3 of our staff being Greensmart Professionals who can give you the best advice on how to build a healthy, energy efficient home, that doesn’t cost the earth.

We understand that people (whether renting or owning) are more and more concerned with running costs and reducing their power bills. Our designs take into account natural shading, cross ventilation and our consultants will discuss aspects such as orientation to maximise energy efficiency benefits. We are happy to discuss insulation upgrades, solar energy packs, tinted windows and low VOC paints for example which will improve not only your running costs, but contribute to a more comfortable and healthy home for you and your family.

Sustainable Awards

Kenick Constructions not only claim to be the leaders in sustainable building in Cairns, we also have a number of National Awards to support that fact. Kenick recently won HIA GreenSmart Display Home of the Year 2013 for its Haven 2 Design in Redlynch as well as HIA GreenSmart Display Home of the Year 2015 and Home of the Year 2015 for the Retreat design at 3 Hatch Close, Trinity Beach. Kenick Constructions are extremely proud to have won these national awards ahead of so many great, innovative builders.

Click here to view a short video of a display home that has won 2 national awards for its sustainable features and has an impressive 9.5 star energy rating.

Kenick Constructions - HIA GreenSmart Home of the Year 2015 Australia             Kenick Constructions - HIA GreenSmart Display Home of the Year 2015 Australia          Rachel Whymark from Kenick Constructions - HIA GreenSmart Professional of the Year 2015 Australia

Why build environmentally sustainable homes?

A few years ago, it would only be a small percentage of people who would see the benefit in building more sustainably. However, with higher electricity prices (which will only continue to rise), and greater public awareness, more and more people are seeing the benefit of building homes which are cheaper to run and naturally cool to live in. This shift has partially come from legislation too, requiring higher energy efficiency. However, living in the tropics has specific elements which are not found anywhere else in Australia, so local expertise is crucial in obtaining the best outcome at the most cost effective price. At the end of the day it is plain common sense to build homes which are great to live in and cheap to run!

It is often asked how timber frame homes withstand cyclones. ALL Kenick homes must meet strict code whether it is block or timber frame and with today's technology, these homes are stronger than ever! Watch this short clip to learn more about building in cyclone regions.

Is this more expensive?

Not really however there are elements which can cost more initially. There is also a lot that can be done simply by looking at suitable design for this climate and the orientation of the block, which is what we do as standard. All our project homes exceed the minimum energy efficiency requirements usually by at least 1 star. When you add to this some other cost effective upgrades, you can really start to bring down your ongoing energy costs for an initial investment.  All of our display homes have demonstrated many of these principles, and our previous display home at 3 Hatch close Bluewater, Trinity Park also incorporated many of these.

What also needs to be factored in are the savings over a period of time, which can mean that the initial investment pays for itself in just a few years, with the other benefit of owners no longer dreading the quarterly power bills!

What are some examples of both environmental sustainability building design and energy efficient technology that is applied.

All of our project designs are by an award winning designer. Between us, we have delivered a tantalizing and inspired range of tropical homes all featuring excellent passive design and minimal footprint for maximum living area. All designs can be tailored to suit individual needs and requirements. Our entire range feature abundant natural ventilation, with each home assessed for optimum orientation to minimize heat from the sun, but maximize cooling natural breezes. We feature 1400mm fans to all living areas (and patios) as standard, and our insulation levels in the roof are higher than is required to meet current standards. We also include grey tinted windows and 600mm eaves overhangs (for shading). Timber frame homes which are insulated are offered for no extra cost as these stay naturally cool in the tropics, yet are of course designed to be cyclone and termite resistant, just as a blockwork home is. 

Click here to watch this short Youtube clip on timber framed homes built for cyclone prone areas.

Our sustainable upgrade pack includes 3kW solar PV (with a 5 kW inverter), high quality L.E.D lighting throughout, additional insulation, a ventilated roof space and water saving devices to taps and showers. This add on pack is designed to give you best bang for your buck in terms of improving the energy efficiency of your home and reducing your bills.

For those who wish to go the 'full monty' (like our last display home), we can also advise on improving air quality (e.g. no VOC paints and cabinetry products which are safe to breath and have no formaldehyde), create homes that use recycled content materials, and homes which are fully accessible for people who have mobility impairments. Add to this the gardens which are aimed at encouraging native wildlife, use native planting, organic gardening techniques and has a fully operational veggie patch and compost area, and we feel we really have looked at sustainable homes in an holistic manner, with a sensible approach which is cost effective to anyone wishing to build a new home. Our incredible and comprehensive swathe of awards in the past few years (including HIA home of the Year for our region) certainly attests to the fact that our quality homes, built for the tropics are exceptional.

Click here to watch a short episode on Best Homes Australia featured on channel 7 showcasing our 9.5 star energy rated display home.

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